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I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.

In moments of difficulty, some of us lose our ability to remain calm. Our primitive brain kicks in with flight/fight ideas, which often result in kneejerk reactions that exacerbate the bigger picture.

Instead, I tap into my more mature thoughts that believe in my competence and skills. I give myself a chance to remember the many times I’ve successfully resolved a similar situation.

When I take a second or two to breathe before responding, I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.



[In the spirit of providing daily commentary, I’m adding digraphs, those two letters that unite to consistently form a single sound, to my A to Z posts.]

When I recognize the whisper of the Universe, I am on track.

Reoccurring words or experiences may bypass those in a hurry. They are the kind who feel annoyance the second or third time they hear a similar message.

Instead, I notice repeating items and potential coincidences. I stop and pause to listen to any message for me.

When I recognize the whisper of the Universe, I am on track.


Today, I embrace simplicity.

Some people think life must be complicated in order to be important. They regard the tension and stress that arises from being overbooked or the material satisfaction from owning many things as a necessary measure of their success.

Instead, I minimize the bother of owning more than I need. And when I give up posturing and putting on a mask, I can be genuine and don’t have to remember who I’m supposed to be in a particular situation.

When I pare things down to what’s truly important, I embrace simplicity.


I show respect by communicating.

Dissenters often build walls to protect their personal point of view. They prevent the flow of communication and potential for understanding and expansion. 

Instead, I acknowledge the validity of another’s opinion, without it diminishing my stance. I believe there is space for more than one position on a topic or circumstance.

When I am available for discussion, I show respect by communicating.


I accept my quirks as part of my personality.

Mainstream thinking attempts to mold us into conformity. Many buy the same clothing, watch conventional media, and follow similar fads. When I don’t fit the stereotype, I am tempted to question what I need to change about myself.

Instead, I cherish my unique contributions to my community and our world. As long as I am kind, my views and manners are a valuable part of the whole human web.

When I realize the importance of diversity, I accept my quirks as part of my personality.


My day is off to a positive start.

It’s common to vent and complain about circumstances that feel unfair. We fall back to feeling fear, anxiety, or uncertainty, often based on messages we received as children.

Instead, we can choose to reframe situations. We can look at our history to see that in fact we are competent. We can believe we are capable of changing previous patterns into positive outcomes.

When I wake with a smile and hopeful anticipation, my day is off to a positive start.


I am open to transforming this moment.

People often blame others for their situation. They give away their power and think they can do nothing to improve what is occurring.

Instead, I recognize that an approach of blame and helplessness is counterproductive. I look beyond the petty day-to-day for a larger place for my Self in my life.

When I own my power and take responsibility, I am open to transforming this moment.