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About Beth Lapin

Beth Lapin is a published author whose recent novel To Say Goodbye was the Best Seller at Wings ePress.

Beth  has been writing and publishing since elementary school. Prior to her fiction career, she wrote technical and nonfiction articles and has filled journals with decades worth of personal reflections. Lapin focuses on relationships, with an undercurrent of sleuthing in historical contexts. As a facilitator of creative writing groups for social service agencies since the 1990s, her work is informed by advanced degrees in social work and biological science.

Beth, born and raised in New London, CT, has lived in Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, Maryland, and all the states that begin with “C.” She enjoys kayaking, hiking, contradancing, and family genealogy. She currently lives in Middletown, CT.

Beth is also the founder and primary practitioner for HealingNatureCT.

  1. media643 permalink


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  2. I really enjoyed reading through your thoughtful reflections as part of the A-Z Challenge this year. They are always excellent reminders to nourish the things that are really important – ourselves and our relationships with others.

  3. so glad we met you that time in New York…

    • Isn’t life interesting? Who’d ever think I’d have friends in Scotland! The world gets smaller and we find commonalities ALL over!

  4. Ooo, so happy to meet you here, Beth! I bet I could learn a lot from your depth of writing and relationship experience! Happy blogging! 😊

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