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A to Z Blog Reflections

May 6, 2020

Due to the pandemic, this year’s A-to-Z blog was quite different than previous ones. In early March, I saw the projectory of its impact on the northeast part of the United States, so I prepared and scheduled my posts by the end of March. Also at the end of March, I moved from my personal home to a family home about 40 miles away, so that a healthcare worker could move into my regular home and protect his family (=my daughter, who is highly at risk, and their two children) from potential exposure to the virus.

Almost to the day last year, my renters of 10 years had moved from this family home at my request. I spent the next six months making repairs to the home: new roof, gutters, windows, insulation, driveway paving, garage door, and so on. I spent long weekends there, as it is on the Long Island Sound and I love going to the beach. But there was this lingering discomfort that I owned two houses, had a large footprint, and what the heck was I doing?

And then, the pandemic, concern for my daughter‘s health, and I have a solution! But wait, this is supposed to be about the A to Z blog and my reaction to it…

So, my summer home-my family home-my beach house does not have Internet. And I had no interest in installing it, having anyone in the house, purchasing a modem et cetera. My front-door neighbors graciously had allowed me previously to tap in to their Internet to run a ‘smart’ thermostat, so I asked them about using it for my laptop. They are now both working at home and that Internet bandwidth is in high demand. So they offered me the opportunity to use their Internet from 6 PM until 8:30 AM. Very, very generous and kind people.

So, my ability to comment was restricted on the A-to-Z blog, as I had use that time to do all my Internet activities, and also sleep! And eat dinner. Although I grew to eating dinner at five or 530, so that my 6 PM was wide open.

In any case, my exploration of other blogs was severely limited. And my statistics clearly show that. In previous years, I had visitors from many different countries because I would go visit other blogs. But unfortunately I was not able to do that this year.

I am grateful that I had the foresight to prepare my blogs ahead of time and schedule them. I am grateful for my neighbors’ willingness to let me tap into their Internet and at least reply to comments on my blog. And I was able to return the favors and comment on people who visited my blog. Apologies to the rest of the A-to-Z blogging community for my inability to explore and read what likely were charming and interesting and informative postings. Perhaps when I get some move back home again.

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  1. WOW! You had a LOT going on in your life. Congratulations, you succeeded with an EXCELLENT challenge. I am applauding. Hopefully, by next year life will be more normal!

  2. Well done Beth, your back story is remarkable! I enjoyed your posts. Hope your daughter is doing great!

  3. Very kind neighbors, thanks to them you could follow the challenge and stay connected. I hope you will be able to return home soon.

  4. You had a heck of a month. Good thing you had everything queued up… I enjoyed your entries, by the way. Listen, the A to Z Road Trip, during which you can visit the other blogs and bloggers that you weren’t able to during the month, starts on the 18th and continues pretty much until next year, so that’ll give you a chance to visit the folks you didn’t get a chance to at a more leisurely pace. Hope to see you there!

  5. I am visitingyour blog as a stop on thea to z road trip. When I visit blogs that completed the challenge, I try to read 4-7 of their posts. Their most recent post, their reflection post, The A , D , R and Z entries (Aand Zare self explanatory, D and R are my initials), and on any day except the 1st, 5th, 18th, and after the 25th I read the letter that corresponds with the day of the month. So today is the 6th so I read your most recent post which was your a to z relection, avocados, dill and dark chocolate, figs, raspberries and zuchinni. With the exception of figs those are all some of my favorite foods. Thanks for sharingsuch affirming things about food choices.

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