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April 27, 2020

Remember when we had spitting contests with watermelon seeds? My brother and I would challenge each other over the side of our small boat. Of course, the fact that he was eight years older than me gave him an advantage. Kids these days don’t know that they miss….


  • May improve lipid profiles and lower fat accumulation, perhaps due to high a citrulline levels
  • Reduces the level of muscle soreness.
  • Helps with hydration
  • Is more concentrated in lycopene than red tomatoes and it’s more bioavailable, too


Red watermelons have higher lycopene than other varieties

Although it seldom happens any more, when I find a seed in my watermelon slice, I enjoy chewing it and swallowing it. I haven’t yet had one grow in my belly. Anyone else eat the seeds?

*These posts, written ahead of time, were scheduled on March 22 to post on the appropriate date. There is great uncertainty as to what life will be like at the time they are being read.*

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  1. My husband is allergic to the red tannin in red fruit. He gets purple splotches all over, so I rarely eat watermelon, but lately I have been purchasing little cups of fruit salad from the grocery store so that I can enjoy fruit again! YUMMMM!!

  2. I don’t like watermelon, so no seeds either ;))
    W is for Women

  3. Watermelon is all right, though I don’t eat much of it.

  4. I love it in the summer time. I buy half a one usually and work my way through it. It keeps well in the fridge. YUM!

  5. The seedless versions aren’t always seedless! Give me those big black seeds I can easily pick out.

  6. I grew up in watermelon growing country. They’re the nectar of the gods. I remove seeds, but if one gets by, I’ve nothing against eating it. Never had a seed spitting contest, but I’ve made a lot of watermelon rind teeth.

  7. I’m not sure it can officially be summer if there’s no watermelon. I get a CSA fruit-veggie order every week and I love when it’s watermelon season. There are usually several varieties over the weeks, so it’s fun to find favorites.

  8. Susan Perrotti permalink

    I eat watermelon as soon as it comes I to season until I can’t get it! Working outside it fills me up at lunchtime and keeps me hydrated through the day. I even got my husband hooked
    We go through 2 watermelons a week, sometimes more.

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