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April 24, 2020

Salt is hidden everywhere. Most snacks (chips, pretzels, and such) contain 10% of our daily salt in each serving. One serving of other often-consumed items contains 10-20% RDI: instant pudding, cottage cheese, vegetable juice, salad dressing, canned peas, cheese, scallop potatoes, BBQ sauce, and a bagel. But it’s most high in most prepared, processed, and restaurant foods; a serving of these foods contain a whopping 20-40% of RDI: canned soup, frozen shrimp, frozen pizza, pickles, beef broth, beef jerky, and one biscuit. Topping out over 40% per serving is: restaurant pizza, roasted ham, grinder (sub sandwich), salami, soy sauce, and cured canned meats. Think about the food consumed in a day and it’s easy to see how we can eat too much salt.

Why does it matter? Salt causes the body to retain water, which raises your blood pressure. This strains your heart, arteries, kidneys, and brain. All this can cause heart attacks, strokes, dementia and kidney disease.


Put away the salt shaker. At first you may miss it, but gradually you will cherish the subtle and delicious natural flavors of your food.

For you, is there a food that absolutely requires salt? For me, it’s butter.

*These posts, written ahead of time, were scheduled on March 22 to post on the appropriate date. There is great uncertainty as to what life will be like at the time they are being read.*

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  1. My parents ate too much salt, so I do my best to stay away from it AND I DON’T add it to anything – oops except for the periodic French Fries I cook to go with our Cod fish meals. I rarely eat ‘canned’ anything, but I do eat salted butter. It is amazing how much salt there is out there, if we don’t watch out. Stay safe!!

  2. Mary generally cooks without adding salt. One day she made soup (from scratch, not from a can) and I could tell it needed salt. Not much, only about a teaspoon for the entire pot. It made all the difference.

  3. And some so-called healthy foods often have more salt than the so-called unhealthy version.

    Monstrous Love from A to Z

  4. French fries need salt! 😉

  5. I rarely use the salt shaker, but so many foods I eat already have salt in them. Mrs. Dash is a great salt substitute and nutritional yeast is a wonderful way to add flavor to food.

  6. I rarely add salt to things, but sometimes my husband gets a craving and then he makes popcorn.

  7. Ah butter! The best thing sliced sliced bread! Thanks Beth – yes, too many of us can have too much salt. There’s nothing worse than someone at the table immediately adding salt to the food prepared by someone else before tucking in and tasting .. though OBVIOUSLY on roast potatoes and chips. And a bit of salt can definitely add flavour. Plus, salt is an interesting compound with an interesting history …

  8. I’ve been trying to use anything (!) to take the place of salt – cayenne, garlic powder, cumin….whatever will enhance the flavor without adding sodium.

  9. Following a near-fatal heart attack and congestive heart failure in the early ’70s, my mom was put on a reducing diet so low in sodium that she wasn’t allowed celery; mustard greens were allowed, but not turnip greens or spinach. I think the worst part for her was the salt-free bread–no taste. It was available at the grocery store then, but I haven’t seen it for years. I don’t think that diet is prescribed any more–but it worked. Later she was able to tolerate more sodium, but there was no cooking with it or salting at the table.

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