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April 28, 2018

Whether it’s a craft thread or a story, a yarn can help us stretch. Tell a tall tale, embellish it as much as you can and see where it leads you. Or purchase some yarn and a pattern to knit or crochet something new. And if you get really stuck, use it to play with the cat!

My example: recently I used reclaimed yarn to crochet a shawl for my daughter. The pattern was online and slightly unclear. In addition, it took more yarn than indicated, so we had to figure out how to address the shortage. This project is still incomplete….

How did/will you stretch?

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  1. My last attempt at knitting, many decades ago, was the never ending scarf that so many of us have as a starting point. I now leave knitting to my very capable mom who loves to do it. Does it count as a stretch that I buy the pattern and the wool for whatever I want her to make for me? 🙂

  2. I was afraid you’d say that. Okay, I’ll have to go the tall tale route.

  3. We have some birds building a nest on a pillar on our front porch. Yesterday I put out a few scraps of yarn left over from a fiber art project I’m disassembling into smaller parts. Within an hour the bits were gone, and I like thinking they were a treasured find for a most excellent nest.

    • PS I just went to a workshop this afternoon that suggested using items other than yarn (particularly animal or human hair) because yarn can get caught in bird feathers, beaks, and feet. Who knew?!

  4. I love your tall tales! I have been knitting since I was a kid. One project involved very thin knitting needles as the yarn was tiny. I was a teenager. I had to run to the bathroom, so I plopped the needles on the side of our big stuffed chair when I returned I thought I had plenty of room to PLOP down into the chair. Only my baggy sweatshirt must have grabbed the needles and positioned them just right as I landed on the points of both needles. I shot out of the chair with two knitting needles and my sweater hanging from my butt. I must have looked like a peacock on drugs. I’m screaming to my brother “Pull the knitting needles out!” While my hysterical little brother is running to my parents’ room screaming, “Gwynn sat on her knitting needles.” I finally yanked the needles out. I did have two holes through my sweatshirt, jeans, underwear, and into my bottom!! There is today’s lesson about knitting, yarn, and your tall true tale! 😉

  5. Gwynn’s story is a great yarn! But YOW she must have hurt her butt … No, I cannot stretch anymore, I’m done. Going to lives in the Steppes of Afghanistan on Tuesday …

  6. live, not lives …

  7. Tall tales and knitting…hmmm…that’s a cool setting for a story or a play, even:)
    Y is for Yartsa Gunbu

    • Madam DeFarge knit the code into her work in the tale of two cities! But a shorter version would be great!

      • Will have to read it again. Read it for a course in college–but memory of it is very hazy. Adding it to the the never-ending reading list:)

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