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April 27, 2018

We all know the importance of keeping a healthy weight and being active. But how to motivate ourselves to x-ercise? Find a buddy, pay for a class, join a challenge, watch online. And try a short commitment, say three weeks.

My example: I decided to try out the exercise class at the nearby community center. Programs are free and, my first time, I really felt like a fish out of water.  But I kept going and have found a few members who are at my level and I’m even getting to know their names and recognize them at other town events.

How did/will you stretch?

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  1. I’ve been working with a personal trainer for the last 13 years. A few months ago, I was so bored and fed up that I was thinking of quitting. My trainer switched me to working on the Pilates Reformer that she had just purchased and trained for and now I feel a new lease on life. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

  2. Yes, when I first started walking my laps around Poulsbo I enjoyed the scenery, but I didn’t know anyone. Heck, now seven years later I know lots of people who chat with me or wave to me. People have come and gone, but I keep finding more friends helping me to enjoy my exercise more and more.

  3. I’ve begun an exploration of a new-to-me movement practice and it’s fascinating to me how it’s stretching me – both physically and mentally.

  4. x-ercise … great word! Walking does it for me, or hiking, but after my last hike I’m keeping to walking. That hike will last me until next year ..

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