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April 4, 2018

We move in so many ways! When we dance, we respond to the infectious rhythm of music we hear (aloud or in our heads!). When no one is watching, we can move uninhibitedly and try out different positions and actions. Or we can take lessons to learn specific moves and watch how the group flows together.

My example: I joined some friends for a swing lesson and dance. Although I understood and learned the moves, I discovered that I didn’t care for it. I realized that I didn’t like that the lead (who wasn’t me) would decide how to respond to the music, and I had to follow the lead… not my style!

How did/will you stretch?


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  1. I love dancing, sadly my husband doesn’t, so the only opportunity I get is when we’re at a party. As for stretching, I used to do yoga and I could always feel the difference between the start and end of each session. I really should get back into it!

    • Some community/senior centers have dancing classes that you could attend alone… sometimes, I just turn up the volume in my living room!!!

  2. I LOVE dancing too. I did Modern Dance in high school and then took Ballroom Dancing lessons years later. However, I learned that I don’t follow well… I want to lead or be funky! However, if there is music, you will find me moving. I enjoyed your fun post. Thanks!

  3. I took swing dance lessons once. I didn’t go with a specific partner to dance with so I had to keep randomly pairing up with others in the class. Some people have really sweaty hands.

  4. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! Even the word ‘dance’ makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I’m so afraid of dancing, so afraid of looking dorky I don’t even dance when no one is watching. I know, I know – that’s sad and silly and I should stretch and change it. But I don’t know, Beth. I’m up for a lot of things, but dancing may have to stay way, way down on that list.

    • Maybe in the bathroom? no, somewhere without a mirror… 🙂

      • That’s the rotten part about it, Beth. I have a gym in my house. It has a huge mirror, of the kind you find in dance studios. So nope to that. Bathrooms, of course, have mirrors. The living room has my reflection in the television screen, and every other room in my home either has mirrors or big windows that I can see myself in. Maybe a closet? Hmm, I have a utility cupboard. If I don’t dance into the hot water tank or the water softener, that just might work.

  5. Love to dance. Sometimes I get super self conscious… but really when I look around so many people move in so many different ways. It teaches me a little more about the diversity of humanity.

  6. I’m strictly a dance-by-myself-in-the-kitchen kind of person, but my stretch is letting others see me and hear my off-key singing as I do it.

  7. I love dance workouts, they often don’t even feel like work!

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  8. I love dancing and in my younger years had a ballet studio. Dancing in any form just makes you feel good and it has recently been scientifically proven that it is great for your brain health.

  9. I do love to dance although sadly I don’t do it as much as I would like. Weekends In Maine

  10. Beth, I love to dance anytime, all the time, if possible, but never to instructions and always to my own tune:)

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