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April 29, 2017

I say yes to life.

Fear of the unknown can shrink our world.  We stay in the same routine, at the same job, with the same friends, doing the same thing for many years, and then wonder why we stagnate and feel unfulfilled.

Instead, I open my thoughts to include new ideas and patterns that expand my world. I develop a new, happier, and more positive life.

When I open to new opportunities and experiences, I say yes to life.

From → A to Z Blog

  1. Being ready to accept change and try new things is important. I too say yes to life. Find me here. LINK

  2. Staying open to new opportunities and experiences definitely is valuable. When I am forced to change, I often find it puts me in a better place than where I was. So… YES!

  3. Absolutely 🙂 Happy A-to-Z-ing.

  4. Yes indeed – saying yes to life’s invitations is the path to change and expansion.

  5. messymimi permalink

    Say yes as much as possible, while you still can!

  6. Oh, no, do you think the chance to say yes stops? I hope not… maybe physical limitations, but our minds are endless, I think?

  7. Amen to Yes.
    We sing from the same hymn sheet Beth:)
    Z is for Zagreb and Zindagi

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