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April 28, 2017

I exude confidence.

Those who are insecure often present a loud persona or exhibit bravado to cover their insecurity. Bullies often appear to have a large presence but in essence are small inside.

Instead, I allow my public and private selves to integrate and become one.  I am comfortable sharing who I am with those around me.

When I respond from my inner voice, I exude confidence.


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  1. Nice one! We shouldn’t be afraid to be confident.

  2. A very good reminder. When we align with the fullness of who we truly are and speak from that place, we truly do exude confidence and authenticity.

  3. Perfectly put Beth. Your simply written posts have an uncanny ability to root deeply in my conscience. And I keep pondering over what I’ve read here for a long,long time afterwards.
    You have a gift.
    X is for X shaped stitches on a Xmas stocking

    • Thank you for the kind words… the gift has been given to me, or I’ve chosen to listen to it…

  4. messymimi permalink

    Just being yourself is exactly right.

  5. Nilanjana Bose permalink

    Great reminder to just be natural. Note to self-there is really no need to be shouty 🙂

    Thank you for visiting.

    All the best,

  6. aandj8804 permalink

    I like this – the idea of being both your public and private self all at once. Of course, I often find it’s more complicated than it sounds. :-/

    With Love,

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