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April 27, 2017

Wellness flows into my life.

When asked, “How are you?” the answer is often a list of the woes and afflictions. Saying a genuine “I’m fine” is a rare reply.

Instead, I scan my body from toe to head with appreciation for all organs and tissues that are functioning well. Some areas may require extra attention for full health.

When I expect good health, wellness flows into my life.

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  1. Attitude impacts so much including overall wellness. WeekendsInMaine

  2. Beautiful post Beth 🙂
    Each of your post delivers the message so succinctly and also highlight the clarity of your mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the few posts that I got time for. Will go through all of them in the next few days .

    Thanks and keep up the good work !

  3. Wellness flowing is a beautiful way to hold it. I like imagining I’m breathing light, vibrancy, wellness, and wholeness into every cell of my body. Always feels tingly good. 🙂

  4. It is amazing what a positive attitude can do for how your body feels.

    Phillip | W is for White Shapes | W is also for What do you see?

  5. This is so wonderful, as all your posts have been so positive. Great work! The end is near.

  6. Thanks for the positive words 🙂

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Water. Clean Drinking Water

  7. A lovely thought and action – the body heart and mind, soul too would appreciate this acknowledgment. Thanks Beth …

  8. So true! I’m actually a fan of the response, “Can’t complain.” It states a refusal to dwell on the negative, which is a cornerstone of wellness. Nice post!

    • Good suggestion, Can’t Complain! I gave up complaining for Lent one year…I don’t actually celebrate Lent but thought it was a good practice…had to do the same the following year… I’m a slow learner!

  9. messymimi permalink

    Always expect the best, and settle for nothing less, and most of the time you will get it.

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