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April 26, 2017

I’m using my voice.

Parents may discourage children from speaking their opinions. School and work circumstances often require those with differing ideas to hold their thoughts, or be penalized for voicing them.

Instead, I recognize the importance of sharing important ideas with appropriate people. It takes many minds to solve complex problems and each person contributes something to the whole.

When I listen deeply and speak truthfully, I’m using my voice.

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  1. A lovely view on voice thanks Beth – too often we keep silent when our voice needs to be heard; or overuse it inappropriately when views differ from ours.

  2. In days past, children were “seen and NOT heard” or so my parents said. Learning to use my voice to express myself and opinions as definitely been a learning experience. Using one’s voice IS very valuable. Thanks!

  3. We always encourage our children to voice what they’re thinking. So important for development and building their confidence.

  4. messymimi permalink

    My children were allowed to voice their opinions as long as they were respectful, and i tried to consider their point of view as often as i could.

  5. A most excellent characterization of voice Beth – and one much needed in greater abundance.

    • I find it interesting that so many A to Zers are in alignment here… I guess we aren’t representative of the rest of the world?

  6. Like everything you’ve written and all the comments above. Agree 100% with what Susan said above.
    W is for Warp and Weft

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