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April 24, 2017

I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.

In moments of difficulty, some of us lose our ability to remain calm. Our primitive brain kicks in with flight/fight ideas, which often result in kneejerk reactions that exacerbate the bigger picture.

Instead, I tap into my more mature thoughts that believe in my competence and skills. I give myself a chance to remember the many times I’ve successfully resolved a similar situation.

When I take a second or two to breathe before responding, I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.

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  1. I try to, but some things are too big to cope with alone. Find me here. LINK

  2. I need to remember to do the same! It usually leads to a better result.

    • I bet you do that when you’re on the water or out in nature. That environment has a tendancy to encourage trust.

  3. A pause before response – lovely Beth thank you. Though sometimes it is a BIG something that comes our way and that knee jerk reaction is how it is …

    • So true. But the more I practice waiting, pausing, breathing, the more I can do it, even with BIG (well, at least sorta big) things!

  4. Beth, you definitely are a wise young lady. I wish I had learned to take a few deep breaths years ago before I hopped on the decision train. Being able to trust yourself is absolutely wonderful… I’m learning.

    • Gwynn, I don’t know if I’m flattered more that you think I’m wise or young! Probably neither is totally true all the time.. learning is what gets us where we want/need to be. Thanks for commenting — it’s like getting a virtual hug.

  5. With practice, I have learned to do this in many situations. I still have moments though when I could have done much better. Great reminder Beth. Thanks!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Tide Pools in Puerto López

    • True, that… for all of us. Especially during times of great challenge and stress, trusting and pausing is very difficult.

  6. Such a gem of a post Beth. Trust in self is the key. Agree 100%.
    T is for Tavaa Toast

  7. messymimi permalink

    It’s often easy to remain calm in the moment and do what has to be done. Then i want to collapse and let the emotion out afterward.

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