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April 19, 2017

My day is off to a positive start.

It’s common to vent and complain about circumstances that feel unfair. We fall back to feeling fear, anxiety, or uncertainty, often based on messages we received as children.

Instead, we can choose to reframe situations. We can look at our history to see that in fact we are competent. We can believe we are capable of changing previous patterns into positive outcomes.

When I wake with a smile and hopeful anticipation, my day is off to a positive start.

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  1. Positivity is not about expecting the best to happen, but its about accepting that whatever happens is for the best!
    Liked the idea of waking up with a smile!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

    • That is so true and an important piece that I didn’t highlight. Thanks for expanding my affirmation.

  2. Your posts definitely are positive and helpful. Thanks for your delightful mindset and for taking the time to participate in the A to Z Challenge! You are doing great.

    • And we are heading to the final stretch! thanks for consistently following along and commenting. It means a lot to me.

  3. A great mindset. There is almost always something positive to be taken from whatever happens.

    • Making lemonade out of lemons. Sometimes more of a challenge than others. Thanks for your continued comments here

  4. Yes. It is good to be positive. Thank you!
    Put a Little Love in Your Heart
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

  5. messymimi permalink

    When i work to find good things happening, i find them and life goes much better.

    • Yes, isn’t that lovely? and when we don’t even have to work, when these good things just keep flowing and we notice, heaven on earth!

  6. It’s lovely to start off the day with a smile on one’s face 🙂 We can as you say re-frame situations, and remember that we have come far already. Thanks Beth, great post!

    • We have come far already… that’s part of aging, isn’t it? Realizing how far we’ve come. Our themes mesh.

  7. A smile to start a new day…yes, I can do that:)
    Thank you Beth.
    Q is for questions to a Blogger

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