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April 14, 2017

I’m listening to the other side of the story.

People often engage in conversation where they wait impatiently to reply without truly hearing what the other person has said. We use our discussion as a platform to voice our ideas and beliefs.

Instead, I trust that the other person’s viewpoint is just as valuable as mine. If we are in conflict, I want to know if it is caused by misunderstanding or disagreement.

When I put aside my need to be right, I’m listening to the other side of the story.

From → A to Z Blog

  1. Too few people take the time to truly listen. Well said. Find me here. LINK

    • Thanks for checking out my blog… yes, it is common that we forget to a gentle reminder is useful

  2. the art of conversation often goes nowhere when there is no true exchange of ideas –

  3. You are so right on about people needing to learn to listen. Plus, I DO love a GOOD DEBATE as it opens up both sides of the story and we get a bigger picture. Great Post, Beth!

    • Ah, interesting… I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with a debate… but perhaps your qualifier GOOD is the key!

  4. I’ve been guilty of that myself. Must learn to listen more.

    • Perhaps something that this A to Z challenge can encourage… we visit each other and learn new things and how to hear/listen

  5. messymimi permalink

    Listening is an art and a science, and i try to practice it. Note i said “try.”

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