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I am

April 11, 2017

I am here to achieve my greatest self.

Some people say, “I wish” or “if only.” They voice hopefulness of some future state, but have low expectations of reaching those goals.

I recognize that saying “I am” puts me in the present tense and moves me from possibility into reality. I invite opportunity to come and create what I state as already true.

When I believe I can create my reality, I am here to achieve my greatest self.

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  1. elaaw permalink

    Nice how the affirmation of “CHallenges” supports that of “I am”, with to-do lists and mini-goals helping to overcome the obstacles of bringing the vision of your greatest self closer to reality. I appreciate knowing that you have never and will not forsake that vision.

  2. That is so encouraging and gives such positive vibes “I am”

    A Peice Of My Life

  3. Beth, this is an incredibly WISE post! I LOVE the positive sense of “I am!” Thank you for posting this, I’ll keep it close to my heart. I needed this today!

  4. An excellent post. It’s very easy to say you’ll do something in the future (because you can just keep saying that). It’s harder to make a start on it today.

  5. 2 very powerful words. Thanks Beth –

  6. I love the affirmation I am. It’s complete. Yet you could further complete it. It’s strong and positive and self assured. Happy to be here at your blog.
    Justify #Lexicon of Leaving

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