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April 5, 2017

I make smart decisions.

Outside resources can appear to have all the answers. With the internet and “experts” galore, I can be confused and distracted by differing views and too much information.

Instead, when I trust my ability to gather ideas and synthesize them, I am creative and reach conclusions that are right for me.

When I listen to my inner voice, I make smart decisions.


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  1. cheryl permalink

    This is a good thought of the day for me as I am struggling with too many people giving me advice. Thank you for reminding me to trust myself…

    • Cheryl, We really do always know better, if we are listening to our inner voice, not our fear

  2. Yup, it makes life and decision making a 1000 times more Difficult when there are sooo many ideas. Using one’s own resources, the inner voice, is the way to go. Thanks Beth!

  3. Short and sweet! It’s simply been my truth as well. It’s funny how the distractions can truly distract! HA! Lead you somewhere you had no interest in going and it’s not even right for you. I’m gathering my inner voice experiences in my blog so I can give them promenince. I can remember what gifts they provided when I listened and followed their guidance. I just love that they don’t get angry when you don’t listen…they just try again! :>

    • That last part, that they don’t get angry when you don’t listen, their consistent willingness to help even when we are bull-headed — now that’s an important lesson!

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