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April 29, 2016

Letting something go, allowing life to flow, getting out of our own way can be liberating, as well as challenging.

 Yielding can:

  • Bring inner peace
  • Lower pulse rate and other stress-indicators
  • Provide mental and emotional space for something new

 (Huffington Post 2015)

How I add this to my life: I admit to this being a challenge for me (one of the last posts I’ve written, because of its difficulty).

And you?

From → A to Z Blog

  1. This is tough advice to give because people perceive ‘yielding’ as weakness. Think of it more as stop wasting time on something and move on. As you say, let go.

    • It is a fine line and it actually takes more strength to let go. And to not care how others may see us… big challenges

  2. Yes, getting out of my own way CAN be difficult, but I’m working at it and learning. Letting go is becoming easier than I imagined.

    • Congrats, do you have any suggestions for us?

      • In letting go of possessions, I learned that they are NOT as important as I assumed. In my case, many of my possessions were inherited so supposedly they had great value… they didn’t. I was surprised to learn that I don’t miss them either. It is like it is a weight off my shoulders. Sometimes we label important on the WRONG things in life. It is very freeing to LET GO!!

  3. Karen Lukeman permalink

    Letting things go was a technique which I learned from doing yoga…my instructor was very clear that it was each person’s practice…that each side of the body is different, each person is different, each day is different. There could be no ego when doing the various poses…and to embrace and find joy in what you can & can’t do. I try to apply this to everything these days.

  4. Hi Beth!
    Congratulations and STRONG WORK on completing the A to Z Challenge (I assume you will post a Z tomorrow)! This is a very positive take on yielding, and one that our culture does not always respect. So often, like vulnerability, yielding is seen as weak. We avoid it, shame it. That is why pieces like yours, however short, are so sorely needed!
    It reminds me of a post Elizabeth Gilbert wrote on her Facebook page last year:
    Thank you and have a great weekend! 🙂

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