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April 26, 2016

Sharing your time without expectations in return toward greater good in the world, volunteering is a choice as to when, where, how, and for how long you want to do something.

Volunteering can:

  • Provide skill development
  • Improve socialization opportunities
  • Allow personal growth
  • Expose us to professional opportunities
  • Help lower mortality rates
  • Increase functional ability
  • Lower rate of depression in elders

 (Corporation for National and Community Service, retrieved 2016)

How I add this to my life: I find opportunities all over! I facilitate a writing group at the HIV center each month, I have worked with the IRS to file taxes for low-income folks, I lead hikes, I have worked at the battered women’s shelter, I have spent time in my daughter’s school. My problem is to keep my volunteering under control so there is time for me!

And you?


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  1. That must be a problem to keep time for yourself Beth! I assist poor readers at a school twice a week and it’s such a joy to see their reading skills improve so that in time they come to enjoy reading!

  2. Karen Lukeman permalink

    When I used to think about retiring, I knew that volunteering would be one of the things that I would do. So I now volunteer for our small temple (70 member families) doing PR and other activities for the two annual musical events which raise funds for deserving non-profits in the area…all of the events have been sellouts and we keep finding larger and larger venues…this year, the concerts will be a larger theater seating 350 people.

    I also help out on the cooking and PR for our annual Jewish Food festival, as well as helping setting up and on the day itself. We went from about 200 attendees to about 700 attendees.

    I also am a board member of NH Wind Watch, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing education and information about Industrial Wind Power Projects in New Hampshire; besides helping organize their events, I have testified at the NH State House. I also have volunteered peeling apples for our Community Center’s annual Apple Festival, and have volunteered for the NH Marathon (stuffing runners bags and being a time keeper). This past year, I gave up the “unofficial” role of doing the financials and minutes for our neighborhood association for the treasurer and secretary (Joe).

    My life is full. I have learned a lot (considering I knew nothing about PR or Industrial Wind before I started), and I have met some amazing people…besides seeing the very best in people.

  3. I have volunteered in schools while my children were there. Plus, I volunteered for non-profits that work to help children. Now I volunteer with a Historic Maritime Museum and Visitor’s Center here in Poulsbo. I LOVE helping people!

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