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April 25, 2016

Organizing and removing unnecessary objects from our home and our life can provide order, lightness, and neatness to our space (both internal and external).

Uncluttering can:

  • Save us time, money, and stress
  • Allow us more personal time and calmer relationships
  • Provide structure for prescription compliance
  • Open up space to use equipment and appliances
  • Cut down on dust and housekeeping needs!

(Good Housekeeping 2014)

How I add this to my life: Each spring (now!), I go through drawers and closets to remove unused items. I also try not to purchase anything that’s unnecessary by asking:  do I need this, do I like this, do I have a place for this?

 And you?

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  1. Karen Lukeman permalink

    Yep, I agree…I’m always saying, do I want, do I need. Although, I can’t and won’t do this for sentimental items. 🙂

  2. We are in the midst of doing a drastic downsizing due to my husband’s illness. Stuff we haven’t used or touched in years is going bye-bye and it actually feels like a relief! Sadly, even sentimental items are going as my kids don’t want them. Life really changes!

    • It’s a mixed bag, isn’t it? Just trying to remember that we still have the memories, even if the ‘stuff’ goes.

  3. Michelle McKenzie-Voigt permalink

    This is my Year to Unclutter! We have worked every single Saturday (except 3) since the first of the year, tackling 1/4 of a particular room/space so that it is completed in a month. Among other milestones, we donated more than 400 books to the local public library and bags of gently used clothing to Amvets. It certainly feels good to lighten our energetic load!

  4. I do indeed think, do I have room for this. But until recently have rarely uncluttered. I have quite enjoyed it! ~Liz

  5. So freeing when uncluttering has been achieved Beth! Makes for more space for other energies. I’m trying to catch up post return … and look forward to going back to check yours out. You’re in my thoughts.

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