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April 24, 2016

Being still, finding a place to be quiet, finding a place that is quiet.

Quiet can:

  • Improve academic performance
  • Lower stress and increase productivity for those in a work environment
  • Prevent hearing damage
  • Allow the natural sounds of the earth to be heard

(Utne 2009, Evans et al. 2000)

How I add this to my life: Spending time in nature, keeping noise to a minimum (no radio or TV unless I am actually watching/listening).

And you?

[In the spirit of providing daily commentary, I’m adding digraphs, those two letters that unite to consistently form a single sound, to my A to Z posts.]

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  1. Karen Lukeman permalink

    I used to always have the TV on in the morning as background noise as I’m having my coffee, reading email & checking Facebook. But now, I really appreciate the peacefulness with the only noise being the wind and birds (and Joe)..

    I had also been curious about how loud some things are, so Joe gave me a db meter for one of my birthdays. Sadly many concerts, no matter what the venue, are at unhealthy levels, as are many movie theaters. So, I wear ear plugs.

  2. I love my time out in nature. Right now since I’m in the process of moving, a nice LONG nap sounds good! 😉

  3. It is a challenge for me to find quiet in my day. Often I will drive to work in silence just because it is so good…I will wind down the windows as I go through the bush to hear the bellbirds…(see, I still search for sounds!) but I feel guilty if I don’t turn on the radio and keep up with all the chatter. Alex from
    Family Tree Frog

  4. We’re recently back from the bush where the sounds of nature were delightful, at night actually quite noisy! But lovely natural sounds. And it was wonderful to re-connect with getting back to basics instead of connecting to radio, TV, traffic and my overly busy mind .. lovely post Beth thank you!

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