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April 23, 2016

Our sense of touch, which declines as we age, encourages us to reach out to all types of objects: plant leaves, flowers, pets, silky fur, others, and ourselves.

Touching can:

  • Encourage newborns to thrive
  • Increases feelings of being rewarded
  • Expands communication of our emotions
  • Calms cardiac distress
  • Conveys a sense of cooperation
  • Alleviates pain
  • Positively impacts those dealing with depression

(Greater Good 2010)

How I add this to my life: I benefit from having a cat who likes to rub on me. I also find myself hugging more (see above) and touching to emphasize a connection within a conversation. I will also touch flowers and trees as I walk by them (and express Appreciation for their presence).

And you?


From → A to Z Blog

  1. Touch is critical to human and fur babies’ well-being. Plus, having a pet in my lap helps me relax. I miss my animals!

  2. HUGGING is my nature – and I find that, the more I hug, the more I hug and want to hug – and the more the hugs are returned and wanted and appreciated. Some are stunned when a quick and friendly hug is offered, but when they know a hug is regularly offered, it appears the hugs become more cathartic for the huggers and huggee. Sometimes, that’s the only answer that provides real and genuine comfort, encouragement and support when a friend is suffering – touch, a hug.

  3. I have a family member who is severely depressed and sees no-one. He lives far away from me though we saw him at my son’s recent wedding. He so appreciated family and friends and the hugs and contact I could see him blossom for a while that he was with us .. it is so essential for our well-being. Like you (at your earlier prompt) I stop and trees and touch them and say hello when out walking …

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