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April 22, 2016

Native Americans use slow-burning sacred plants to purify an area, remove unwanted, lingering energies, and invite a helpful, healing presence.

Smudging can:

  • Provide a ritual for personal renewal
  • Rejuvenate a space that has been desecrated by previous use
  • Establish a sacred space for challenging conversations

(Chopra, retrieved 2016)

How I add this to my life: I burn incense during the changing of seasons and consider what I’d like to see during the upcoming few months. For example, I may hope that rains satisfy our water needs but come during the night.

And you?


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  1. randommusings29 permalink

    I love incense and the idea of purifying your space

  2. Dawn Lybarger permalink

    How timely. I recently smudged the land where my house is going to go. The foundation hole was dug, but concrete not yet poured. A lovely woman – Nyasha – here on the island suggested I smudge it before the foundation, and gave me a sage smudging bundle. Spent a long time at it. Was a meaningful ritual. Felt good!

  3. Dawn, That sounds like a wonderful process. I’m pleased to hear about it…and your progress.

  4. That sounds lovely – I like the idea of burning plants. Scented candles however I do not like – too many chemicals. ~Liz

  5. Michelle McKenzie-Voigt permalink

    When I have finished uncluttering this year, I plan to deep clean my home from top to bottom and then smudge with sage and tinkling bells. I think that will be a nice capstone to the uncluttering process, as well as a mindful, sacred process.

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