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April 20, 2016

Inquisitive thinking, curiosity, questioning the known with the unknown

Questioning can:

  • Provide personal satisfaction when obtaining an answer
  • Bring new ideas, discoveries, and insights to the larger world
  • Provide innovative solutions to personal dilemmas

(Harvard Business Review 2011)

How I add this to my life: I attend presentation on new-to-me topics and I often ask artists about their methodology. I had a wonderful conversation with a woman who used recycled paper to make jewelry, for example.

And you?

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  1. Shonna Slayton permalink

    I wish I were better at asking questions. When I’m one on one with someone I like to get the other person talking because I like life stories. But in groups (like at an author talk) I can’t think of a thing to ask until the event is over.

    @ShonnaSlayton from
    Author Shonna Slayton: A to Z of the 1800s

  2. Questions show you are interested and they generate responses. I love it when I get asked questions because it helps me focus what I am doing towards what others want to learn. My post for Q lead on from my students’ asking questions!!
    Stormy’s Sidekicks
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

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