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April 15, 2016

Sometimes, just the idea of centering and being present can start the process of meditation. We can gather the benefits as novices devoting even small time periods to the process.

Meditating helps:

  • Reduce anxiety
  • Prevent sick days from work
  • Ease pain
  • Address depression

(Time Magazine 2014)

How I add this to my life: I set aside a small area where I can sit and face a window with a pleasant view. I try to sit every morning for twenty minutes. There have been periods of my life when I have been successful at integrating this into my day. This is not one of those times, and I see a decrease in my patience and tolerance, which I attribute to my lack of meditating on a regular basis.

And you?

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I too enjoy meditating and find that I am much more centered when I am practicing faithfully. it so helps staying in the moment and paying attention..

  2. I enjoy meditation and even have a lovely blanket and meditation cushion to encourage me to stick with it longer than I might without them. It is deeply personal time and space to enjoy nothingness and that can be wonderful in our chatter-filled, cluttered world.

  3. I absolutely love meditating. I started it years ago using a podcast to guide me and using incense my cousin bought for me. It makes a world of difference when I take the time to do it for myself.

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