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April 14, 2016

We laugh spontaneously when we see something funny or are happy. We can make ourselves laugh even when there is nothing funny. Apparently the brain can’t distinguish from genuine laughter and forced ha-ha’s.

Laughing can:

  • Provide quality-of-life benefits
  • Can minimize our experiencing of pain
  • Assist with physiological healing
  • Connect us socially with other people
  • Lift our spirits

(Altern Ther Health Med. 2010 Nov-Dec;16(6):56-64.)

How I add this to my life: The first time I tried laughing meditation, I was annoyed…laughing at nothing! But apparently I manage to do enough on my own, because my friends are often asking me why I am giggling. Perhaps the hardest time to laugh is when we need it the most. I try smiling in the mirror after I finish brushing my teeth to remind myself to enjoy myself.

And you?

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  1. I also once did a laughing meditation … it was amazing and wonderful! I’ll try to smile at myself after brushing my tooth –

  2. Ha, Ha! Am laughing with you, at 9AM here!

  3. My senior year in high school I was a resident assistant–the designated leader and role model for underclassmen in my wing of the dorm. One of my freshman residents noticed me moping around the dorm for a while and wrote on my message board, “Smile, Cathy, you’ll feel a hundred times better!” That girl was wise beyond her years and I will always be grateful for that lesson. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder, Beth!

  4. I LOVED this post! Laughing cleans out my soul and brightens my day!

  5. I love laughing and watching comedies as well as comedians, late at night. I haven’t tried laughing meditation but you make it sound fun. I must try it.

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