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April 12, 2016

Brain games and memory puzzles, such as jigsaws, can help us retain our brain’s vitality. Attend classes and lectures. Practice memory games, do crossword or jigsaw puzzles, play bridge. Read, write, and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Staying mentally active can:

  • Increase your vitality
  • Build new brain cells and neurological connections
  • Potentially slow or prevent Alzheimer’s

(, retrieved 2016)

How I add this to my life: I confess to being drawn to some online games that encourage my mental agility. But more importantly, I am grateful I live in a small college town that has a plethora of movies, lectures, plays, music, and events (almost all of which are free) and participate in something at least weekly. (Some days, it’s hard to figure out which one to do!)

And you?

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  1. I avoid jigsaw puzzles though they appeal to me, I don’t have the patience.

  2. Karen Lukeman permalink

    I volunteer my time to several non-profit organizations and sit on the board of one. Many of my volunteer efforts are around publicity, which is a new “career” for me so I’m always learning..

  3. Lovely suggestions Beth thank you! A jigsaw puzzle can take days and days …a wonderful opportunity to use the time and let the ego take a back seat. What wonderful opportunities you have in your college town! I definitely wouldn’t know what to choose …

    • When my father was having surgery, I brought a puzzle to the waiting room, while my mother, brother, and his wife waited for hours to hear the outcome. it really helped us pass the time with less focus on worrying about the operation.

  4. Mahjong! It’s simple to learn and can take a lifetime to master. You just never know what hand you will get, and the potential for making it a big winner keeps me coming back. On top of that, it’s social–research shows that doing things in groups where we feel we fit in further strengthens those neural connections! Some moms from my kids’ school recently started a mahjong group. We hope to make it a long standing tradition! Thanks for the prompt! 😊

    • I’ve tried that as a solitaire program on my laptop… matching was fun! But as you say, it lacks the social aspect.

  5. I like jigsaw puzzles, although I have not done it in years.

  6. What a great theme for your A-Z! Keeping mind / body active can come in the smallest ways and add such big advantages! Take it from a caregiver to my husband who is a stroke victim.


  7. These days my keeping up with the A to Z Challenge, reading, and moving challenge my poor brain!

  8. My sister subscribed to and added me to her account. They have games intended to exercise the brain. Some of the games are fun and addictive… can’t say that for all of them, though…

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