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Ice Skating

April 11, 2016

Winter activities, such as ice skating, sledding, skiing or even catching snowflakes can add exercise to a potentially sedentary time of year.

Ice skating and other winter activities can:

  • Provide the same amount of exercise as shooting baskets or playing handball
  • Expose us to some needed Vitamin D
  • Provide social contact when we are often isolated inside our homes

(2011 Compendium of Physical Activities: A Second Update of Codes and MET Values,” by BE Ainsworth, WL Haskell, SD Hermann, N Meckes, DR Basset, Jr., C. Tudor-Locke, JL Greer, J Vezina, MC Whitt-Glover, and AS Leon.)

How I add this to my life: I shovel. And shovel and shovel. My driveway is pretty long, but so far, I have managed to be responsible to clearing it during our storms.

And you?


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  1. I always wanted to learn. Will ask my parents 🙂

  2. Looks like a tough physical job. WIsh I will have a chance to participate.

  3. Yup, I’m using my imagination! That snow shovelling must be something else – but Vit D is wonderful! I’ve ski-ed before in the US, it’s amazing that I’m still here. Tobggan ed also – landed up in foreign hospital for several days ..

    • I’ve tobagganed only once and managed to steer directly into the one and only tree in the entire several-acre field!!

  4. Karen Lukeman permalink

    When we first had a weekend home in NH, someone told us that it was good to have a winter hobby. The ski area where we lived was closed, but a few times, we walked our snowboards up a little bit of the ski slope. Then we bought snowmobiles which we had for about 10 years. More recently, we have enjoyed snowshoeing.

    PS…it has been a few years since we have had a snowball fight 🙂

  5. We rarely get any snow in Memphis. I miss it from growing up in northern Illinois. Winter’s much easier here, but the summer is so much harder.

    Raking, though, raking is a constant task. I don’t do it so often that our yard is clear, but we have these huge trees all over the neighborhood and I do have to clear the leaves from the areas of the yard where I want to grow things and away from the sides of the house so we can reduce the number of slugs and other moisture-loving insects that get into our house. I try to appreciate the benefits of this physical labor.

  6. Nice! I love walking around my neighborhood in fresh snow before the plows come along. Very beautiful and great exercise!

  7. Wow.. Ice skating since am living in part where ice is far miles away but this sounds really cool 🙂

  8. Due to destroying my knees as a wee child and surgery else where later, winter sports were never an option for me… except sledding with my children. I am a swimmer and a walker; now especially a walker as I get my social time and my exercise. Beautiful post.

  9. We’ve not had much snow round our way for a couple of years. I do love walking through the freshly-fallen snow before it gets covered in footprints, though.

  10. We don’t get that much snow here in Florida, but I do remember it! I love fresh snow – and admire you for getting out there and shoveling. It’s good to get out and soak up the Vitamin D!

  11. We went snoeshowing for the first time this winter and really enjoyed it. It really does help to find a cold weather activity that you enjoy.

    • I’ve tried that once…more work than x-country skiing, I think. But I bet it’s very helpful in Maine!!

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