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Greeting Others

April 8, 2016

We spend so much time speeding by others and ignoring them. Although they may even be strangers, we can connect on a human, personal level. Sometimes, it can lead to sharing a brief story or moment that leaves both of us smiling for a bit longer.

Greeting others can:

  • Acknowledge another’s humanity
  • Reinforce a person’s dignity
  • Support someone’s sense of self-worth

 (MIT Chaplain 2015)

How I add this to my life: One day, I decided to wave at every car that passed me on my daily walk. After about a week, drivers started to initiate the wave. And now, several years later, they are still waving!

And you?

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  1. This is a lovely reminder to maintain gentility and civility in our lives. I greet people as I walk my dog.

  2. Being around with humanity is so invigorating! I walk my laps along the waterfront and around through town chatting with people and petting their dogs. I also volunteer at our historic maritime museum and I LOVE chatting with the people who enter. My being social keeps ME happy! Great advice!

  3. Ellen permalink

    This is one way I make friends in the community-each time I move- saying hi to all the walkers, usually with dogs, and waving to cars. It acknowledges a shared space.

  4. This Saturday morning – gorgeous autumnal day – I am at slow pace, tidying my computer etc and came across this one Beth – when I go walking I always initiate a greet whoever is in the street. It makes me feel good and human. Thank you! I don’t know about the waving though, there’s so much traffic, my arm would get tired 🙂

  5. Susan, Thanks for the giggle about the waving! I needed that this morning.

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