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Eating Healthy

April 6, 2016

We can find many different ideas on ways to eat that benefit our physical, mental, and emotional state. Although it might be difficult to decide which suggestions to follow, cutting down on fats and sugars, while eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is a good place to start.

Eating healthy can:

  • Limit heart disease
  • Prevent diabetes (type 2)
  • Moderate blood pressure
  • Enhance moods
  • Keep us at an appropriate weight

(WebMD, retrieved 2016)

How I add this to my life: I adore dark chocolate and, although I’d love to latch on to the suggestion that it’s good for me, I try to manage my intake. Some days are easier than others. Occasionally. I may use a handful of chips as a reward (for finishing one of these postings, for example), but I try to connect my dessert to a meal instead.

And you?


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  1. I’ve cut all refined carbs out of my diet, because I don’t think they’re good for me.

    • How’s that going? I don’t eat many but total elimination would be hard…at least for me!

  2. Always to keep in my mind what we put into our cake hole and the benefits of good wholesome delicious food! Actually come to think of it all I’ve had today is a banana; off to fridge for radish and cucumber …maybe a large dollop of double cream greek yoghurt with some honey on as a very special treat thereafter .. Thank you for the reminders Beth!

    • That sounds like an interesting treat/snack. I find it easier to eat well in the warmer months, when fresh foods are available, too.

  3. I’ve been lucky to crave vegetables more than sugar all my life. Don’t know why, but recently read we develop our cravings in the womb.
    I’m glad you stopped by my a-to-z challenge and my theme, Women in the Thirties.

    • That’s great! My daughter and now her son eat fruit like crazy! Maybe that’s what I ate when pregnant!

  4. Sadly, even though my mom was a nurse, she had no clue about healthy eating… but maybe the Depression Era was the influencing factor. So I learned some bad habits until I had to have my gallbladder removed and the doctors educated me about a new lifestyle. Now, I’m good about healthy eating and I walk every day. Ok, I do purchase M & M or Chocolate Chip cookies as a reward for me periodically. 😉 This is where I HAVE to be careful, especially when I’m emotionally upset. Otherwise, my weight is good, as is my general health… if only healthy eating would straighten my back out! 😉 Good advice!

    • Mmm. chocolate. It is a wonderful reward. I too use chocolate when emotionally upset and am trying to breathe and center myself instead. I recognize the urge and the why. That’s the first step!

  5. I track, using MyFitnessPal daily and measure, and count. Ugh. But, occasionally, I have off days and treats too, like very dark chocolate. Balance is key.

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