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April 21, 2015

Pieces of toast
Raspberry jam
Laid out on the breakfast table
It’s time to begin again
~Carole King (Raspberry Jam, Writer)

Raspberries, fragile aggregates of drupelets, arrive all year long. So quick to mold, their successful transportation is a minor miracle. The diversity of fruit available resembles a cornucopia when surveying the supermarket’s produce department.

Providing essential nutrients, fruit prevents illnesses and keep our bodies healthy and well functioning. So common is our current abundance of fruits that most of us are unaware of issues related to their lack.

Raspberries, strawberries. Local, imported. Sweet, tart.

What is your favorite fruit?


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  1. I love fruit of all kinds and make smoothies from them … adding nuts, cranberries whatever’s in the pantry! Nothing nicer than a huge glob of smoothie stuff on an ever bigger glob of double cream yoghurt … I stay away from imported fruit and use what’s in season. Thanks Beth …

    • Susan, Great plan to eat what’s in season and locally. It’s a challenge and we are spoiled… need to remember our priorities.. When I was traveling this January, there were mango trees outside my window, and the fruit bats can at night to eat them!

  2. Sunni Morris permalink


    I love all fruit and like to eat it alone or in smoothies. I love spring and summer when more fresh fruit is available.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


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