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April 20, 2015

How can there be a cherry that has no stone?
How can there be a chicken that has no bone?
How can there be a ring that has no end?
How can there be a baby with no crying?

~The Riddle Song (English Folk Song)

The human mind casts out hundreds of questions a day. What to wear, which chore to do first, what the other person is doing, why do the stars shine, will we be rich, and the list goes on.

Sometimes, our questions get us into trouble. We embarrass others (or ourselves) by asking inappropriate questions. We challenge authorities with our probes. We ask about items we should already know.

Other times, our curiosity leads to explanations of life’s persistent questions. Albert Einstein Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, and Benjamin Franklin, just for examples, all questioned what they saw and developed valuable solutions.

Do other animals question?

Inquisitiveness, solutions. Challengers, skeptic.

What is your favorite story about solving a problem by asking good questions?

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  1. The only thing that’s silly is the question that’s not asked …
    I agree Beth, questions raise more questions than answers sometimes … I sometimes ask myself if I’m asking the right question? This can change my focus.
    Great post thank you!

    • If we think deeply and wonder if our question is to “connect or correct,” then we can ask the right question. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  2. You’ve actually raised a good question : whether the purpose is to connect or correct, thank YOU for the reminder …

  3. Very perceptive post. Questioning may be the essence of life. Science, religion, technology, literature. Embarrassing questions aside, it’s hard to imagine people having a good conversation without asking questions of each other.

  4. Sunni Morris permalink

    I think questioning is a part of life. I do believe animals do it as well because I’ve witnessed the questioning look on my cats faces from time-to-time.


    • Sunni, thanks for reminding me about my cat. I’ve seen dogs cock their heads and it seems as though they are questioning.

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