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April 17, 2015

Hands across the water
Heads across the sky
Live a little, be a gypsy, get around
Get your feet up off the ground,
Live a little, get around.
~Paul McCarthy (Uncle Albert, Admiral Halsey, Ram)

We came from the sea, we are composed mostly of water, and we can’t live without it.

Oceans connect all the continents, providing flow and relationships for one and all. As a child, perhaps we imagined putting that note in a bottle to see who might read our message. We may have envisioned the bulge of Africa across the wide blue from our eastern seaboard and wondered if someone was standing on that shore wondering about us.

Primordial soup, conscious intelligence. Salt, sweet water.

Where is your favorite ocean? Do you prefer fresh or salt water?

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  1. Thanks Beth. Ode to the Oceans. Our holiday home is down in the Southern Cape and 500 kms away in easterly direction is Cape T where the two oceans meet, i.e. the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean is warmer Atlantic cold which I love – the brace and ow and oochness of it.I love salt water …

    • Nothing better than salt water, I agree! Some people don’t like the feel of the dried salt on their skin, but it’s how I was raised, so I don’t even notice it. Or maybe it just feels ‘right.’

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