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April 16, 2015

Tell me the truth what are you living for
Tell me why, why are you near
‘Cause if you cannot make yourself a good noise
Tell me what you’re doing here
~John Gorka (Good Noise)

Some enjoy the sound of a barking dog; others prefer the gurgle of running water. Some like jazz, others desire classical. With open attitudes, all sounds can be appreciated. A certain sound, such as crinkling of treat wrappers, can cause our pets to come running, while other sounds, such as sirens can raise our heart rates.

Some of us can’t hear, so the sounds are felt as vibrations.

(By the way, noise is one of those words that starts to look as though it’s spelled wrong if you examine it too long.)

Sound, noise. Hearing, feeling.

What is your favorite noise?

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  1. O my goodness Beth, Noise is a very strange word! I just FB’d it and headlined it ‘Noise?’ and as I was typing it I thought it a very strange word!
    This is a lovely post thank you.
    I love sounds, and the sound of silence.
    But I do like classical music while working. Sometimes other ‘noise’ in the background. Or nothing.
    Q: What noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster most?
    A: A noisy noise annoys a noisy oyster most.

  2. which is why I put a question mark after that funny word. (some years ago I thought that ‘funny’ was a very strange and funny word 🙂 .. I’ll let you know if it’s responded to on my FB page ..

  3. Rain. My favorite noise. Or thunder storms:)

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