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April 10, 2015

I scream, you scream
We all scream
For Ice Cream
~Howard Johnson/Billy Moll/Robert King

Ice cream used to be a simple dessert, in a bowl or on a cone, in a sundae or on a pie. Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Hand-cranked at family picnics. Bought at Friendly’s or HoJo’s (at least in New England). With refrigeration, its popularity and availability spread. As kids, we would hear the Good Humor bell, grab our coins, and run to get our treat on a stick or in a sandwich.

My grandparents met at an ice cream shop, where my grandmother was working. He liked chocolate and found a reason to come in to order it often. (She preferred pistachio.) The rest is history, they say. As children, when we were visiting, my grandmother would give the oldest child some money and the gaggle of us would walk around the block to the corner store and all order Hoodsies, chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream, with a tabbed cardboard lid and thin wooden paddle spoon to scoop it out.

Summer treat, year-round gourmet. Dairy, soy/coconut. Hard, soft. Ice cream, frozen yogurt.

What is your favorite ice cream memory?

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  1. Believe or not, I’m not an ice cream lover, however, I DO like homemade ice cream. When the world was less polluted, my mother would make snow ice cream from the first snowfall. When I do eat commercial ice cream, it is vanilla. DQ has my favorite cone, it comes with a coating of chocolate.

    • Homemade ice cream is excellent — hand-cranked especially! Vanilla is the best for home-made, with toppings. Thanks for reminding me of those days of making ice cream

  2. Lovely post 🙂 I make my own dairy free ice cream using frozen bananas mixed with a bit of coconut milk, sweetener and frozen berries 🙂 Yum. We actually heard the ice cream van today… they so need to update their jingle!

  3. I remember the ditty well. The tinkle of the ice-cream man. From long agao – when Moses was a boy.
    We had vanilla icecream for lunch today – well, after lunch, with a drizzle of choc sauce over. Thanks Beth!

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