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April 8, 2015

Send in a thousand grandmothers
They will surely volunteer
With their ancient wisdom flowing
They will lend a loving ear
~Holly Near

Our elders provide wisdom gleaned from their many years of experiencing life. They are the conduits of information from prior generations, which is a key part of their legacy. We may not know our ancestors prior to them and they provide the link to their parents and their grandparents, as we do the same to our children and grandchildren.

Grandparents honor family traditions and spoil their grandchildren.

What is your favorite saying from your grandmother?

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  1. Thank you Beth .. both grandmothers died 45-50 years ago Scots, one Norwegian, and I’m thankful that I have their genes in me! But I truly can’t remember what they may have said. A lovely post, reminding us of our ancestry ..

    • Susan, Perhaps you use some of their expressions, without even realizing it!

      • I think I’ve inherited a melancholy gene on the Norwegian side! Interesting thought about using some of their expressions without really realising this. What about you?

      • I think that’s one value with reminiscing with family…they remind us of these historical expressions, how we’ve acted in the past, and help us integrate all that, once we process it. One of my grandmothers used to say: “I’ll love and leave you,” as she left. It was a positive statement, but I always struggled with understanding it literally!

  2. elaaw permalink

    From my Italian Grandmother (“Nornie”), the most memorable phrase, heard as soon as we boisterous grandkids sat down at her table for delicious spaghetti and meatballs or pasticciata, it was, “Mangia Taci!!” which we were told meant, “Eat and Shut Up!” From my English etc. grandmother (“Nana”), the times when I slept over her house, I remember she taught me this prayer to say before bedtime, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, And if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” I’ll always have those memories from my grandmothers.

    • And I am curious if you may have passed these on to your own children! What will they say about you?!

      • elaaw permalink

        I thought you’d ask! Not a grandpa at this point, but I think the wise and practical sayings my kids remember are my wife’s, things like, “You’ve got to finish what you HAVE to before you can do what you WANT to.” And useful phone etiquette like, “It’s ‘YES’, not ‘YUP’!” From their Dad, I think they’ll remember me sitting on the edge of the bed each night reading them books, and making up silly and devilish stories, sometimes told by hand puppets and stuffed animals. And playing “Chase Back into Bed” when Alice was working nights and I was “in charge”.

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