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April 3, 2015

Time it was
And what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence
A time of confidences
~Paul Simon (Bookends/Old Friends)

We spend our time with others, human, animal or plant. Moments with another living being provide an awareness of the aliveness that moves between us. We share, we influence each other, and we learn from our common experiences.

Virtual, in person. In times of joy, sorrow. Doing an activity, sitting together. Touching, looking, smelling. Or not.

Does your preferred companion change over time or circumstances?


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  1. A wonderful reminder of the energy that flows between everything, thank you Beth. I think we all change over time, and circumstance though we remain essentially the same? I’m thinking of e.g. the rose, whose petals may wither but the seed is still there ..

    • Yes, Susan, there is that interesting enigma… we grow, we change, we learn, we evolve. But in essence, we are always the same. We have that same life force, but perhaps more aware of it?

  2. kerrie j permalink

    HI Beth,

    I wanted to let you know that I amgreatly enjoying your blog. For some reason my comments on individual ones are not posting. 😦 However, thank you for your daily words of wisdom and insight!

  3. I love that song. These days my companions are the family and pets. I have to keep reminding myself that these moments are precious, but it can be hard when so many of these moments are spent driving each other batty.

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