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April 2, 2015

I like to go out dancin’
My baby likes a buncha authors.
My heart’s so broke and bleedin’
Baby’s just sittin’ there doing some readin’.
~Moxy Fruvous (Bargainville)

Books can take us into new places, escaping or exploring new ideas. They provide opportunities to discuss concepts and share experiences. Books live beyond their authors into new eras where they can be debunked or re-energized. They provide a record, a view at the evolution of the human mind and documentation of the repeat of history yet again.

Fiction, nonfiction. Poetry, prose. Photos, text. Endless opportunities for creative expression for many centuries.

Do you reread your favorite books?



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  1. I LOVE my books, when there’s time, usually in the bath at night. I’m re-reading The Magus, John Fowles, last read many years ago and picked up recently at 2nd hand book shop. Hermann Hesse: The Glass Bead Game was a delight the 2nd time round a few years back. Thanks for this post. And you Beth? Do you re-read favourites?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I don’t recall re-reading books – perhaps Wind in the Willows when I was younger. But my husband Don periodically re-reads the entire Lord of the Rings series. Perhaps I’ll revisit favorite books in my dotage, or in what my sister and I laughingly refer to as “our copious free time.”

    • I’m in the space of supposed Copious Free Time, but still not a lot for re-reading!! Thanks for your comment.

  3. I do reread them. Sometimes I feel guilty about it since I know there are others out there that are also really good.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

    • TIm, I feel that way about traveling…I enjoy a new country and want to return, but then there are so many other places to visit! Isn’t it great that life provides so much to experience!

  4. I don’t reread books that often because I know there’s so many new books out there that I want to experience but I reread one of my favourite trilogies from my childhood at the end of last year and it was great going back to that world and those characters.

    • Elena, Doesn’t it bring back many associated memories, too? I can imagine the chair in which I read my childhood books!

  5. Beth, I feel the way you do about travel and the same goes for books. I’ve only reread a few. Maybe when I retire I’ll have more time to read. And when I travel I tend to revisit the places I loved the most and add on some new experiences. A compromise!

    Faye at Destination: Fiction

    • I’m semi-retired and I still don’t have time! I guess it’s just a matter of where you put your priorities… reading, writing, walking, outdoor activities, family, friends, travel, volunteering, etc etc!

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