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April 1, 2015

Where have all the flowers gone,
Long time passing,
Where have all the flowers gone,
Long time ago
~Pete Seeger (Where Have All the Flowers Gone)

Asters are little rays of color and glory, reminding us of the beauty of flowering plants. We have cultivated many natives because of our appreciation of the visual, tactile, and olfactory pleasure they provide.

Plants also provide medicinal components that are used as templates for mass production. And certainly without plants, we would lose an enormous source of human and animal food. To say nothing of our ability to breathe, since plants replace our exhaled carbon dioxide with fresh, new oxygen.

Consumption, appreciation. Natural, manufactured. Wild, cultivated.

What is your favorite flower smell?


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  1. We would lose beauty also Beth .. loved this thank you. Favourite flower smell? Jasmine I think …

    • OOOh, that’s a wonderful smell… I can almost imagine it (even with snow still in my yard!) Thank you.

  2. elaaw permalink

    Gardenia! And just yesterday, with winter’s snow piles finally shrinking away down here on the Connecticut coast, I appreciated the sight of daffodil sprouts bravely poking their noses up through the warming soil. Thank you, Beth, for you fitting note of appreciation to start our April march into spring, truly!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Now I have this song stuck in my head (thank you very much 🙂 ) There are so many wonderful smells, but lavender always causes me to pause, breath deeply, and smile.

    • Lavender is so healing and I love the purple! Thanks for reminding me of it.
      Enjoy the song today, there’s another one tomorrow….

  4. Michelle permalink

    I love all flowers, but especially those with a fragrance; I have so many I cannot choose just one. Lilies, lilacs, carnations, freesia, daffodils, paperwhites – the list is endless. When Christopher was little and we smelled a flower together, I’d say, “This is what Heaven smells like.” (I love that you chose this question, as my sense of smell is probably my most acute; I always said I should have been a professional nose and gone to work for one of the great perfume companies! Wonderful first question, Beth!)

  5. Oh. I am allergic so most flowers make me sneeze. But I love the smell of my wife’s tomato plants in the summer. Great memories.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

    • Tim, Tomato leaves are The Best! It always makes Summer when I get that scent on my fingers. Thanks for reminding me of that, too!

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