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Reflections on 2014 A to Z Blog

May 9, 2014

Each year, I swear I won’t do this again and yet here I was again. I love reconnecting with bloggers I’ve ‘met’ in previous years. I get a tingle when I look at my statistics and see how global we are, that we cross borders and barriers to reach each other’s hearts and minds.

This year’s topic, Thirty Ways to Keep Your Lover, was deeply insightful for me. There were times when I read my postings, reflected on my interactions that day, and felt like a total hypocrite. But I kept (and keep) reminding myself that I am writing about what I need to learn; I am not claiming to know how to do these actions. It’s humbling and inspiring to receive thoughtful comments about these posts.

As I head off to Spring, I feel hopeful about my personal growth and directions I am taking. If you wish to keep up with my writing practice, check out If you are interested in Ecotherapy, see

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you all again next April!



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  1. Carol Goldblatt- Jones permalink

    Thanks Beth I really loved this and found myself going yes of course and realizing that knowing it doesn’t make doing it immediate…I look forward to more next April !!! Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 13:51:21 +0000 To:

    • Carol, Thanks…it is sometimes really hard to put things into action…but there is always hope! Beth

  2. Hoping to see you a lot sooner than next April Beth. I’m signed up tp receive posts from you.
    All best.

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