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April 7, 2014

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
~ Zig Ziglar

Focus on your relationship. Don’t get distracted when you are together. Give each other your full attention. Misunderstanding and hurt are manifested when we aren’t fully connecting to each other.

When do you most often multitask while with your partner? Are you driving while talking on the phone? Checking your emails at dinner? Can you stop some of these habits?


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  1. Great thing to remember today! I am not in a romantic relationship, but I do need to remind myself to not check my phone when my daughter is talking to me, or turn off the water in the sink while washing dishes to listen to her, or just stop-period-and look at her to fully be present to hear her stories. Thank you! I like the questions you pose at the end of each blog.

    • Conlee, I feel it definitely applies to all relationships, not just romantic ones. Thanks for applying it to your other connections. Beth

  2. That’s such good advice. Fully connecting with one another is the only way to make relationships work. Wonderful post. Happy A to Z!

  3. Great post Beth thank you .. too true, I am guilty sometimes of not focusing fully. Jumping up and down to do this and the next thing while having eg dinner ..
    Thank you for the reminder! Will put into effect soonest!
    Garden of Eden Blog

    • I’ve tried writing things down so I won’t forget them later… sometimes that allows me to stay where I am…

  4. Susan, you’ve prob figured out that the postings are things I need to learn myself!

  5. Focus is prime these days of technology! I’m old enough to know how important it is to focus, listen, and communicate and yet I’ve let myself get drawn into the addictive smart phone. I’m actually working at keeping that phone in my purse knowing I’ll be around friends, family, and school. It’s hard but I’m hoping I can be somewhat of a role model for others. Love your blog!

  6. tempestletrope permalink

    You are brilliant to have a blog devoted solely to the A to Z!
    Thanks for visiting Poetry of the Netherworld.

    • Not sure about that, but I found it worked much better that way. all my A to Z blogs together… Maybe they will become a book!

  7. My husband and I are both guilty of checking our phones. Even on date night.

  8. Excellent piece of advice, at our home, dinner is generally a time away from tv and it is just the food and family.
    -Fellow A-Zer

  9. I loved it Beth. I finally got my F post up as well as the others.

    ~Sha’, fellow AtoZ’er

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