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April 29, 2013


»         Connect with ancient wisdom
»         Act from higher being and understanding

In our haste to modernize and keep up with all forms of science and electronic wizardry, we often dismiss our ancestors’ truths. Many medicines have been developed from plants and animals previously used in remedies. In days past, people were highly observant of nature and cause/effect. They also were more likely to listen to inner voices and dreams that connected them to a wider wisdom.

Ancient animals, living largely undisturbed, remind us of that universal wisdom and the value of living from a place of connection with all living beings. If we examine an orange and look deeply, we see that everyone on Earth played some small part of getting that orange to us. We are all linked, we all share our space here, and our actions can reflect and respect this relationship.

When we get [to the other side], we’ll discover all of the gifts we’ve been given to share
Have been with us since life’s beginning and we never noticed they were there

~Pat Humphries



From → A to Z Blog

  1. Great post Beth thank you. Always so wise and a gentle reminder of universal wisdom, and a reminder too of what we do not see with our eyes wide shut.
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

    • It’s so very challenging to keep ourselves open and trusting in this world, but it’s the only way to love and appreciate all there is.

  2. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

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