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X-ray fish

April 27, 2013


»         Look beyond the external to see what’s real

Transparency is a current buzzword for openness, particularly related to government and business dealings.  With nothing to hide, companies can focus on goals and minimize corruption.

Transferring that concept to our personal interactions, another buzzword, WYSIWYG, comes to mind. I am who I am, I am what you see, with no hidden agendas or dark secrets.

Truly, deep inside of every human being is a human being, with feelings and thoughts developed from actions and interactions over the course of a lifetime. If we are completely honest, we know that all our posturing and ego-acting is an effort to compensate for what we consider to be our deficiencies. Really, most people would prefer our true self instead of the façade. And actually, our true self, our real soul, is the one to share. When we are comfortable with that self, we will discover that what it does, says, and feels is perfect.

Have you ever felt you could truly see from another’s point of view?


 * Lapin


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  1. Being a Libra, I always see the other person’s POV, whether I agree or not.

    Good post.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Jim permalink

    I am also a Libra. I consider seeing other’s POV as a necessary component of understanding. 🙂

  3. the electricity went off as I was commenting – unless it’s waiting approval, but just to say I enjoyed this so much thank you, and it is a lovely reminder to see beyond and further and realise that we are all human, and to know that when we accept ourselves warts and all, we can do likewise to others. It is as it is and it is perfect …
    Great post thank you so much!
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

  4. angelinetrevena permalink

    Hahaha – another Libra here! I can see all sides of every debate, even when I’m arguing for one side! It actually gets annoying at times; I can never have a proper argument!

  5. Beautiful post! I have enjoyed your A to Z Animal Medicine thoroughly and hope to read more. 🙂 I, too, am Gemini and can often see two sides to every situation. My husband is Libra so we are a good mix.
    A to Z April Blogging Challenge

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