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April 26, 2013
National Geographic

National Geographic


»         Live well with the masses
»         Understand the power of group defense
»         Understand of the value of travel
»         Move with the seasons
»         Move toward new opportunities

Our world population is growing and many of us live clustered in large cities. As space between us grows smaller, we learn ways to deal with ever-present sound, light, and smells. Indeed, with global communication, we know almost instantly about events occurring across the world.  We can use this powerful tool to unite people with similar goals. Petitions with thousands of names can spring up overnight. Videos of injustices can go viral on social media. Perhaps change starts with one small voice but it’s implemented when people unify in spirit.

Through the media, we also gain a desire to experience new places. We can see the importance of understanding other cultures and get the urge to travel. As we get older, we might see the value in moving with the warmer weather, as many birds do. And if we don’t leave winter weather, we might change some habits, cocoon more readily, eat hearty meals, and accommodate for the outer cold.

Change in environment, understanding new cultures, experiencing new foods – all can lead to a receptivity to change and an openness to new opportunities. When we see that differences can be interesting and fun, instead of frightening, the whole world becomes available.

Has moving been a part of your history?


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  1. Hi Beth – thanks for swinging by my A-Z. I like how you have related the animals to issues – original idea.

    Over population is arguably more critical than global warming, and you are right – we are going to need to make sacrifices and changes very soon if we want to avert disaster.

    Kelly’s Eye – Writing, Music, Life

  2. Anonymous permalink

    great post Beth thank you! You bring in such lovely messages always – they are inspirational. Moving was part of my earlier history, though I have been in one place for last 26 years. I travel a fair amount in my desire to see different parts of the world, though good old South Africa is sooo beautiful!

    • Susan, interesting parallels — I never thought I’d be living in my current house for almost 30 years, after moving around quite a bit!

  3. sorry I don’t know why I came up as anonymous, using computer at work maybe.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    >>Has moving been a part of your history?

    Metaphorically speaking – I am always trying to move my Life forward

  5. Whenever I see this animal, it makes me think of that scene in The Lion King when they stampede the gorge.

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