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April 25, 2013


»         Ponder death and rebirth
»         Develop prophecy skills

With a finite number of atoms on our Earth, elements must keep cycling. Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out; CO2 in, O2 out. Plants and animals create the exchange.

Similarly, death is but the continuum of birth. Each happens to all living beings; the only uncertainty is the timing. Yet when it does occur, what has changed? Our bodies are still here but the spark of life, the energy that creates life, has moved on. To where? If energy is neither created or destroyed, does it rejoin the energy flowing throughout the universe? Is it, or some segment of it, then ‘repurposed’ into another living being? Things to consider.

During a recent hike, Turkey Vultures teeter overhead. “We aren’t dead yet,” we yell up to them. The vultures continue, using their powerful sense of smell to find more suitable dinner. Very few birds can detect odors, so this olfactory ability gives them an edge over others. Similarly, some people seem to sense things before they happen, have the ability to see the future, or at least have a foreboding of something about to occur. Is this a skill that we can tune into and develop? Was it present at birth and socialized out of us? More things to consider.

Have you experienced knowing something before it happened?

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One Comment
  1. Nice post Beth thank you, giving me more respect for those who are hunting. Yes, I think it was socialized out of us from an early age sadly. Have I ever been aware of something that would happen before the event? Not that I recall .. phone calls yes, as I was thinking of that person. Other synchronous events have happened that are always amazing and usually wonderful.
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

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