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April 23, 2013
Bob Moul

Bob Moul


»         Patience
»         Know your self-boundaries
»         Use nonviolent defense


 “You can’t make a turtle come out,” sang Malvina Reynolds. No matter how much prodding, tapping, or poking, turtles can’t be rushed. They wait patiently until an intruder eventually gets bored and leaves.

Sometimes that happens to us, too. If we push too hard, some things just won’t flow (such as writing this A to Z post!).  With certain issues, if we only wait, they can resolve on their own.

If we are patient, we might find that what we tried to address actually wasn’t even our problem. A turtle’s shell clearly defines its edges and serves as a distinct statement about where it begins and the rest of the world ends. We have to consciously determine our boundaries, which are ever shifting. As parents, lovers, or children, we have different degrees of overlap at various stages. Awareness of these changes makes the transitions easier.

When confronted by danger, turtles don’t posture or threaten the adversary. They simple batten down their hatches and wait it out. We obviously are more physically vulnerable, but we can use less confrontational ways to address opposition. Calm listening may diffuse the situation, perhaps even finding common ground. If we start with acknowledgement of our interconnection, we will be more empathetic and open to compromise or consensus.

Has patience paid off for you?

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  1. What a lovely post Beth thank you! A lovely analogy of the turtle biding its time and being patient. I am a patient person, believing things will happen if I have done ‘my bit’. Listening is a great art which, if we develop, can go a long way towards our being empathic and finding common ground.
    Thank you! A lovely reminder ..
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

  2. Patience is something I’m learning thanks to both the writing process and knitting. 😉

  3. thank goodness there are turtles in the world!

  4. Yes patience has. I wrote about turtles too today!

    • Hey, Desert Rocks,
      Thanks for stopping by. I”m headed to your site to see what you had to say about turtles.

  5. elaaw permalink

    A perfect package of patience and silent strength (do Turtles have a voice?), they slow us down, too, in contemplation. They also choose strategic positions and then use their sixth sense to slip away stealthily from confrontation. It’s so difficult to capture a close-up picture of camera-shy Turtle!

    • No voice, but they hiss sometimes when they close their shell rapidly. Good reminder of that!

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