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April 20, 2013


»         Question without fear
»         Balance curiosity
»         Understand the nature of masks and disguise

For many years, I’ve had cats and given them 24-hour access to their dry food in a pan on pantry floor. And, although I have a cat door, I would often prop open the front door.

One day, barefoot and wearing shorts, I was standing at the open fridge when I heard unusual crunching in the pantry. I turned to see a raccoon enjoying itself. Armed with a large zucchini, I told it to leave. Non-pulsed, it continued to crunch. I posed menacing with my soft-fleshed instrument. Apparently aware of the limits of harm a zucchini (even a big one) could cause and knowing the power of its teeth, it looked at me as if I were silly and continued to crunch. I stepped towards it as I considered its teeth and my bare legs vs the effort it took to crunch cat food. I stopped and raised my voice. Very slowly, and looking annoyed, the raccoon sauntered down the hall, through the living room, and out the front door.

The raccoon’s curiosity overcame any fear it had over our encounter. Maybe it thought its mask disguised it as a cat and I wouldn’t notice!

Have you ever hoped you’d be unnoticed or recognized? Did it work?

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  1. elaaw permalink

    The image of you and the raccoon and the zucchini is priceless — but the punch line is the best part! And I bet you missed the raccoon after it left! BTW, where was the “real” cat??

  2. Love your story! I probably would have grabbed a broom and started swooshing it out the door, but if it turned and started toward me, I would run out of the door and let it have the house. 🙂 I wish I could be unnoticed, but at 6’4″ I don’t stand a chance of being unnoticed. I stand out in most any crowd.
    A to Z April Blogging Challenge

  3. Ha ha very funny! I can go invisible when I want to sneak something delicious off a table but I don’t want the host to notice. I have this down to a fine art…

  4. Ha, ha! My uncle used to scoop food into the drawer under the table when he didn’t want to eat it and his mother would have made him finish it!

  5. Mischief in a mask!! 😉

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