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April 19, 2013
U Missouri

U Missouri


»         Find peaceful solutions to peril
»         Blend into the background
»         Face hardships with courage

To better coexist, we take a view of collaboration instead of confrontation. If we don’t try to win but instead attempt to understand another’s needs and position, we are more likely to find a solution that makes everyone happy(er).

If we focus on what might work, instead of how others perceive us, we will make a useful contribution. In fact, it might turn out that the other person thinks they suggested our solution and take the credit. Smile secretly inside when this happens, for that is when we are truly successful. When we allow others to shine and feel good, everyone wins.

Finding a consensus solution might require sacrifice on each side. Facing hardships for the common good can be challenging and the urge to win might resurface. Instead, if we trust we will succeed, we will find the courage and patience to reach peaceful settlement.

Are there some situations that cannot be resolved peacefully?

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  1. Love your post Beth thank you! Mmmmm, it seems that Israel-Palestine ‘situation’ is unlikely to be resolved any time soon. Would be very happy if I was wrong ….
    Susan Scott’s Soul Stuff

  2. We live across the street from a mountain preserve and it is full of quails right now. They are beautiful creatures and they certainly fill our little corner of the world with joy. 🙂

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