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April 13, 2013
Chris Brown

Chris Brown


»         Detachment from ego
»         Power to regenerate that which is lost
»         Facing fear

Lizards can shed their tail if grabbed by a predator. They let go of that part of them which isn’t necessary to save the whole. We can learn from this. Our ego, although seemingly an important aspect of our self, actually only serves to separate us from others and from our true being. Our ego is very good at self-preservation and will derive all kinds of excuses to keep it and claim functions that it truly doesn’t serve. Posturing and preserving our ego only leads to comparisons and unhappiness. It would be good to leave this behind, but it can be frightening to take off the façade and be our true self.

Lizards also have the capacity to regrow their lost tails. What returns, usually shorter than the original, is of a different texture and color. We may find this to be true for ourselves, also, when we shed the duplicity of the ego, and take on a self that is generous, listens deeply, and speaks truthfully.

Can you think of personal qualities you would benefit from shedding? Do you see how they are not true reflections of your inner self but protective barriers?


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  1. Regenerate. That’s the word of the day. Whenever we are injured — regenerate.

  2. Lizards show up in our yard when the garden grows in and I always view their presence as a sign of luck and prosperity. 🙂

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