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April 12, 2013


»         Create a safe home environment
»         Protect the young
»         Adapt to new situations
»         Leap away from bad situations

Who of us hasn’t been fascinated by the kangaroo, with its cozy pouch, short front legs, and strong tail? Perhaps initially a bit comical, the kangaroo exemplifies our desire to be warmly cocooned by another living being. In fact, we have modeled baby carriers after its marsupial pouch. As parents, we try to replicate that feeling by providing a home that nurtures and protects our children.

Sometimes, we encounter families where the parents are unable to provide a positive environment. We can extend our reach to help those children by providing parent support, education, and in extreme situations, new homes for the children. If we believe it takes a village to raise a child, we will find encouraging ways to raise all our children.

As adults, we can benefit from learning to leave situations that aren’t healthy for us. We try to make excuses or rationalize staying, but in the long run, it’s always better to remove ourselves from detrimental situations. Finding the courage to do so is the challenge.

Have you experienced the value of ending an unhealthy situation?


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  1. Good post! Know what you’re talking about. Been there. Done that.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Tweeted and shared.

  2. Helen Evrard permalink


    The kangaroo is one of the few animals (perhaps the only) who cannot move backwards. So another message is to move forward! Also, the joey’s time with the mother ranges from nine (in the pouch) to eighteen months. So, if you’re incubating a project or envisioning a future event, it may manifest in that time period!

    Enjoy spring, it’s finally here!

  3. I like your messages. Very true.

  4. Yes and I think Helen’s message stood out the most for me! I also want to add that humans are the only ones that need to run to others and books on how to care for their children. Nature doesn’t, it knows already.

  5. It’s definitely always wise to get out of a bad situation, but at times it may seem impossible. The cycle of poverty and government dependence was something we observed while living in NYC. It was so expensive to live there, no one could afford to move out. There were very few who escaped the “projects” (government housing), and I ached for those who couldn’t see beyond their four walls. Didn’t they realize there was a whole huge America beyond that island?

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